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My style is mainly documentary, meaning that for most of the day pictures aren't staged or posed - rather, they are candid moments captured by a keen eye as they unfold. Then, I like to complete my coverage with timeless portraits of the bride and groom in the beautiful sceneries that make Italy world famous.

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Italy Wedding Photographer

My name is Andrea Bagnasco and I'm a documentary wedding and portrait photographer based in Italy. My photographs have received national and international awards and I'm still doing my job with great passion. Click here to know more about me and my photography style.

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Although documentary wedding photography is my main thing, my photography also covers other areas. Click here for more information.

Italy Documentary Wedding Photographer

“If you put aside for a minute the fancy locations, the sophisticated decor, the ladies in their Sunday best, the confetti and the fireworks, if you bring it down to the bare bones, you’ll see any wedding event for what it really is: a very special day in the life of two people and their families. People and stories unfolding. Emotions and feelings. Humanity. This is what really matters and what my clients want to keep close to their heart. My pictures of a wedding have this purpose to serve. I’m there to tell a story.”

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Your Wedding Photojournalist

A documentary wedding photographer is a keen observer, rather than a bulky presence during your wedding. The style of my photography and the way I work are identified by a discreet and unobtrusive approach. Far from being a photographer-director: with simple and affable ways, in my dark suit I like to work close to what happens without constituting a nuisance.

A way of working that allows me to capture the true moments of the day with candid photographs, the unrehearsed, authentic moments that happen as people celebrate the bride and groom on the day of their wedding. I’m there to seize the events as they unfold and turn them into vivid memories for my clients and their future generations in the years to come.

Genova Wedding Photographer

But not only! I am based in Varazze, on the Italian Riviera and I am at home in the best wedding locations here in Liguria, in Genova, Savona, Portofino, Santa Margherita, le Cinque Terre. Also, work takes me wherever requested by my clients: Langhe, Monferrato, Tuscany countryside, Firenze, Lake Como or elsewhere, in Italy and abroad. I speak fluent English, can handle just enough French to get through the day and I’m at ease working in an international environment.

If you’re planning your destination wedding in Italy and care about your wedding pictures then you may have found your photographer. Please get in touch to check availability and request information. I look forward to hearing from you!

His style reflects his acute sense of observation and his taste for storytelling
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Across his work, often close to social photography, Andrea shows us human society in all its fragility and emotions
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One of the top 150 International Wedding Photographers
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