Elisabetta + Gabriele | Country Wedding in Campenave, Genova

Country Wedding in Campenave Genova – Photographing a wedding as I intend it means to go beyond the mere act of taking pictures. A good photographer has to forget the technical side of taking photos and be tuned to people, to the delicate nuances of what is unfolding around his lens. The technical aspect is so secondary, that’s almost not worth mentioning. The technical aspect must be so rooted and innate to the point of becoming transparent. The moment you think about how to take a picture, it’s the moment you miss the picture. 

My energies go into empathy, not into photographic technique. Otherwise, and I can assure you, there would be much to be worried about photographing a wedding. Photography is democratic, because it speaks to everyone (experts and non-experts) in the same language and it tells everyone about the the merits and limitations of the photographer.

If the bride an groom have expectations on the images of their wedding, I can’t see how they could make do with a ‘friend with a camera’. And I’d feel sorry for the poor friend on duty who has the responsibility on his own shoulders to take the pictures that should make family heirlooms for the couple getting married and their families. I see too many professionals already struggle with delivering proper pictures in this respect.

Meanwhile, here are pictures of Elisabetta and Gabriele. I’ll just leave it to the bride to introduce their images, with a message that I got from her just before the wedding day:

“I wanted to tell you that I am very happy that we will have you as our photographer. I am an anxious person, I tend to schedule everything and I can’t seem to stand the imponderable that’s always around the corner. On the contrary, knowing that you are exactly opposite and that you are able to turn every situation in your favor and in any circumstance take beautiful photos and full of emotion, that makes me feel well!”

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Wedding Venue: Antica Osteria Campenave


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