Cristina + Luca | Wedding at Orizzonte, Varazze

I really wished this for them to be a special day! And I wished to have plenty of ideas to take beautiful pictures.

I always want to feel inspired and fit on a wedding day. A little like the jazz musician who goes on stage, my job is to improvise on a more or less well-known canvas. The theme is there, then it is a question of interpreting it, sometimes of distorting it, but always interacting with the events and using my creativity to compose photography while the events unfold in front of me. Photographing a wedding in a photojournalistic style is exactly that, under the constant tension of creating live art. In these circumstances, feeling fit and in harmony with the world around me, I assure you, goes a long way.

So, for Cristina and Luca I wanted to ‘play well’. For a whole series of reasons that we’ll keep for ourselves.

Here are some pictures of their day

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Wedding Venue: L’Orizzonte

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