Wedding in Piedmont | The elegant wedding of A&F at Villa Cernigliaro

Wedding in Piedmont

Today I’m posting about an elegant wedding, that took place far from the sea that, given my home base, takes up the best part of my work. This was last June, but the uncertain weather of the Alps surrounding the venue, the mood given by eighteenth-century architecture and furnishings of Villa Cernigliaro and the color palette chosen by the beautiful bride, threw me instantly into some sort of Christmas season attitude. Reason why I’m posting these pics today.

I have yet to thank Angelica and Federico for having me tell the story of their day, flowing smoothly in an elegantly sober style, if I may, and totally refined. It was also nice to see many known faces, of people with whom I had the opportunity to spend other very pleasant “working” days (for me), both as guests and as clients. Meaning that I must have done something right over all these years, for which I’m happy and grateful.

Elegant Italian wedding in Villa Cernigliaro

It is therefore with great pleasure that I’m sharing these photographs of what I could call the most Christmassy of summer weddings!

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The staff for this elegant Italian wedding in Piedmont:
Foto: Andrea Bagnasco Fotografie
Planning: We Are Lovers
Venue: Villa Cernigliaro
Caterers: Maio Group
Flowers: Il Profumo dei Fiori
Wedding Dress: Aire Barcellona
Wedding Cake: Pasticceria Pavesi
Photoboot: Vintage Photo Bus

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