Italy Wedding Gorleri Wine Resort | Nicole & Matteo

Italy Wedding Gorleri Wine Resort: Nicole & Matteo. It’s undoubtedly a privilege to do a job that you love, where in the ups and the downs of every job your creativity can be expressed and valued in some way. Even more a privilege to do it for customers, who gratify you with their appreciation.

Not that I don’t feel appreciated or gratified by clients in general. Far from it. But with Nicole and Matteo we hit it right from the first time we met as they booked right away and without any doubt. That made me feel like they wanted my photography for their wedding, not that of anybody else or a generic ‘wedding photography’ for those who think one photographer is worth the other.

There is nothing more personal than memories and the choice of the photographer determines so much of these memories, so which photographer does makes the difference. The ‘generalist’ customer who thinks one wedding photographer is roughly worth the other is quite often the customer to whom his wedding photos matter, but to a certain extent. He is probably putting his expectations elsewhere. Or at least I hope.

Indeed, everyone has their own scale of values and among the many things involved with a wedding, for some photography may not be among their main priorities. It’s also true that you hear of couples splitting up after just a few months of married life, so I’m thinking maybe they neglected priorities way more important than photography. So, all things considered when my wedding photography is neglected by some couples at the expense of other priorities I may as well live with it. After all, they can’t all be clients of mine. But Nicole and Matteo, they certainly are! Here is a tiny bit of their beautiful day.

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Location: Poggio dei Gorleri (Imperia)
Abito Sposa: Pronovias
Live Music: Zingarò

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