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Although I understand that it would perhaps be more convenient to find the details on my prices directly online, without having to ask, my choice has always been not to publish my price list on the web, but to make it available on request via email or direct contact.

I think for couples with high expectations of their wedding day, the choice of their photographer should begin by looking at his style and quality of photography and overall approach to the wedding. By concentrating on pricing early on instead, the risk is to loose sight of the most important thing: the pictures.

Budget surely plays a basic role, but to understand the value of what is being purchased is possibly more important than the price to pay for it. In fact, any price is going to be too expensive for something that we have a hard time to find any value in. This holds true especially in those cases, where the real value of what is being purchased lies not in a tangible property, rather in the emotional side of it. Exactly the case with wedding photography.

The real value of wedding photography lies in the memories it contains, in the emotions it generates, in the testimony given to future generations. These values are set by the quality of the photographs and the ability that they have to engage. Beautiful, emotional wedding pictures represent for the newlyweds an enduring value that is tangible in the years to come, long after the price paid for them will be forgotten.

By not publishing my rates on line, I’m implicitly inviting you to focus on my photography first, to see if my pictures speak to you, if you can relate to them. Ask yourself if this is what you’d like to be left with after your wedding. Can you see yourself in my pictures? The opportunity to create real value for you as a couple and for your future generations with your wedding photographs is unique and is presenting itself now. There’s no second chance to get this right if you choose the wrong photographer. Pricing is certainly an important and delicate subject, which I like to discuss in detail with my clients, but even more important to me is the value for my clients of the photos of their wedding.

get a price quote

A full day coverage starts at € 1,600, still your final price quote depends on many factors (such as the requested date, the requested coverage, where the wedding will take place, your specific expectations, the delivery of my pictures ~ album / files) and therefore your final investment may vary (up or down) from this generic quote. My suggestion is to get in touch and let me know more about your wedding, go through the price list that I will send you and get your personalized quote. I would love to hear from you!

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten

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