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To hold is the key of the wedding day. This is why it is so important to rely on the artistic hands of him who, spontaneously and professionally, turns emotions into everlasting memories. The photographs speak and, in doing so, they make us laugh and cry. Thank you Andrea!

opinioni fotografo matrimonio savona
Emiliana & Fabrizio

His pictures are different from all others we’ve seen. He’s able to seize the moment, to capture the emotion. His photographs speak to us and are genuine and spontaneous. He caught every little emotion of that day and has managed to do so without being noticed at all.

opinioni fotografo matrimonio lago di como
Daniela & Lorenzo

I chose Andrea after visiting his website, when I fell in love with his pictures that made me feel as if I attended those weddings. We wanted a photographer who could tell the picture story of our day without being obtrusive.

recensioni fotografi genova
Roberta & Glauco

Andrea! These are incredible!! 😍 They made me cry! They really capture the moments and emotions exactly like we wanted. We are so excited!”

Hollie & Chris

Andrea is the wedding. Without him the day changes, the memories change. He seizes the moment, the instant that will turn a picture into poetry. Every wedding is a story that he tells with his pictures, he sees things that others don’t. He’s unique. Sensitive and unobtrusive

opinioni fotografo matrimonio genova
Marina & Gianni

We justed wanted to let you know that you created a lifetime moment we will never forget. Thank you so much.

opinions italy wedding photographer
Selia & Peter

Thank you so much for the pictures! It was such a great event and the pictures are wonderful!

Esther & David

Photographeeeeeer, I’m cryiiiing…. Thank you!!

Mira & Guy

Thank you so much Andrea, the pictures are beautiful! Thank you so much for what you wrote, it moved me to tears!

recensioni fotografi savona
Irene & Matteo

Andrea told real the story of our wedding. He’s a sharp observer, very professional, very unobtrusive. Yet, he’s very present in the day, catching moments and parts of the day that we totally missed. If we could go back in time, we’d choose Andrea a thousand more times.

opinioni fotografi matrimonio torino
Sara & Tommaso

You are a genius!

opinioni fotografo matrimonio camogli
Ilaria & Gabriele

Totally unobtrusive, we almost didn’t realize he was there. Yet the pictures are beautiful and refreshing, not the usual static wedding pictures that no one can stand, rather a beautiful picture story of our wedding day.

opinioni fotografo per matrimoni
Cristina & Luca

The pictures are incredibly beautiful! Thank you so much for catching the most significant moments of what will be an unforgettable day for us.

opinioni fotografo matrimonio langhe
Giulia & Stefano

Andrea, your photofilm is still driving people to tears! We can’t stop watching it…

fotografo matrimonio tigullio
Isabella & Simone

Being the photographer of our wedding was a great responsibility and thanks to you we will have a lifetime memory of our day. We are delighted and want to thank you so much!

opinioni fotografo matrimonio torino
Claudia & Niko

Andrea’s photographs speak for themselves. Other than being a great photographer, we particularly appreciated his unobtrusiveness. During the wedding day guests hardly noticed him. He wandered around the reception snapping pictures while people were hardly aware of his presence. This is priceless and it makes his work truly unique! A true professional in every way. Thank you so much again for having been able to capture every facet of our wedding day!

recensioni fotografo portofino
Chiara & Matteo

You capture moments most people don’t even see

recensioni fotografo matrimonio genova
Barbara & Alessandro

We just wanted to thank you with all our heart for the wonderful work you have done. You helped in making our day perfect and unforgettable!

recensioni fotografi genova
Alessandra & Alessandro

Thank you so much from our heart, we are delighted to have had you tell the story of our day! You are really a great photographer!

Simona & Christian

You have been able to capture every important moment of our wedding but without being obtrusive at all. When we browse our wedding album we feel the indescribable emotions of that day.

fotografo per matrimoni genova
Giusy & Davide

Thank you for the beautiful pictures and the nice words! They made me cry a little…

opinioni fotografo matrimonio imperia
Sara & Gabriele

I had no doubts the pictures would be beautiful. I’m happy they tell that I laughed, that Gabriele was excited, they capture that special atmosphere and are cheerful, a little unconventional and ironic, with that bit of romance and poetry. Just like we are, just like we wanted it to be. Thank you so much again. It will be a pleasure to go back to them through the years <3

opinioni fotografo savona
Elisabetta & Gabriele

Thank you so much for everything! The pictures are wonderful and made us relive the emotions of that day. We could not ask for better!

Elena & Andrea

Andrea is a fabulous photographer, he’s uncommon, a great person, helpful, a good listener. He captured the joy of our day with his pictures, without getting much noticed. Thank you again!

fotografo matrimonio celle ligure villa lagorio
Grazia & Andrea
fotografo matrimonio genova savona portofino

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