La Ginestra Countryside Wedding on the Italian Riviera | Miriam e Lorenzo

It “only” took 17 months to update my blog with a new wedding. During these 17 months the world turned upside down and an entire sector was obliterated, mine. The 17 months have an explanation in the various phases that I went through, to elaborate that all that I built in the previous 12 years of honored profession as a wedding photographer has been reset, zipped, brought down to rubble. C’est la vie? Go figure, if we ever will get to the bottom of what actually happened (and is still happening). Fact is, before there were professions gravitating around weddings, now much less. They will return, sure they will. And when this will happen, we will see where we will be with our cameras and with our motivation to run after young couples, rightly and candidly full of enthusiasm, on the roller coaster of their memorable day. In the meantime, we have matured, we have evolved, we have recontextualized ourselves in a reality that we inevitably see with a different set of eyes, both directly and through the viewfinder of our camera.

In the meantime, we like to remember one of the (few) weddings of 2020, that of the dearest Miriam and Lorenzo. Celebrated in our Varazze and at Tenuta La Ginestra alle Manie, where we have spent many evenings and photographed many couples over the years. It is nice for me to go back to these photos after almost a year to realize how in reality the bonds between people and the desire of being together are stronger than anything and that anything, compared to friendship and love between people, is to pass sooner or later, while the latter are destined to stay with us, for ever.

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Photograpy: Andrea Bagnasco Fotografie
Venue: Tenuta la Ginestra
Caterers: Lovisolo Ricevimenti

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