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Dogs and pets in general are increasingly becoming part of our daily experience and are increasingly integrated into people’s lives, becoming family members in all respects. Sometimes they are part of a big family with more people, other times they are the family itself, together with their owner.

This special project represents the opportunity to tell how domestic animals get humanized by living in close contact with their owners and how they show it with their postures and expressions. For such reason, we approach these photographs as if they were paintings, taking the time needed to get studio lights and colors just right, so that the personality and the natural beauty of the pet stands out. We also like to print these photos in large format for our clients, so that they become a distinctive element of their home, a true family portrait the old fashioned way.

This project is for those who were waiting for such an opportunity, for those who live the relationship with their pet in a very special way. For more information on booking a photo shoot for your dog or your pet, please get in touch. All details in my contacts page.

This project is developed in collaboration with my good friend Sandro Ariu, with whom I share also the project Riviera Wedding Photographers

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