The rainy wedding of Valentina & Riccardo

Rainy wedding, this dreaded thing!

A nice rainy wedding on one of the most desirable dates of the year: a Saturday of early September, where great, pleasant weather is mostly seen as a given. Not too hot, maybe a light and dry breeze, long days, bright and enjoyable, tanned skin from a full summer at sea … but instead …

Instead, water is what you get. Much water, alas! The water that had not rained for months. Actually, a red alert day. Not exactly the drop or two that you can eventually ignore. Water walls that would sometimes hide the opposite side of the street. Not the occasional summer thunderstorm, that would come and go in half an hour, but continuous rain for hours, until late at night. With some scattered windows of dry time here and there, just to give people some brief rest before the next downpour.

Rainy wedding, but instead…

Even with the worst possible weather, barely within the margins of bad and just before catastrophic, Riccardo and Valentina actually became husband and wife. Also, they enjoyed their day. Of course, a veil of melancholy crossed the bride’s eyes when the first drops of water hit the window as she was getting ready, as she realized that her day would actually be a dreaded rainy wedding. But melancholy was soon swept away by the enthusiasm and the joy of truly living their day, along with their guests.

So if there’s ever a recipe against a rainy wedding, it simply not to be afraid to get wet. Enjoying the day for what it is, for what it can give regardless of everything. Just dive in, step out into the day to realize that this is your best option, the only right thing to do. Take it all in and enjoy the singularity of the day. The faint, soft light, the smell of wet grass, the rainfall noise, the friends side by side, the desire to party and stay together even more because the rain brings us close, all under the same shelter.

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Wedding Venue: Poggio dei Gorleri Wine Resort

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