Scottish Wedding on the Italian Riviera | Shona + Gavin

Scottish Wedding in Finalborgo​

Finalborgo is a popular tourist destination for many things, such as rock gyms, mountain biking and the sea of the Italian Riviera, only to name a few. But it is certainly worth to keep Finalborgo in mind as a destination for weddings, too. The cloisters of Santa Caterina represent a lovely location for events in fact, even a little out of the strictly traditional lines, as was the marriage of Shona and Gavin.

A Scottish wedding in kilt in Finalborgo…

…does not happen every day. For me, it was a refreshing variation on the subject, photographically speaking. Not so much or not just for the singularity of the men’s outfits, which nevertheless was a note of interest. It was the relaxed, partying and simple mood, in the best possible sense of the term, that Shona, Gavin and their guests were able to lend to the event.

Now, far from wanting to do some cheap sociology, but in an era where everything is homogenized by the globalization of contents and the tastes of the brides and grooms are often sadly flattened on standard formulas, it was comforting to see the traditions and identity of Shona and Gavin come out without big constraints of form during their day.

The pleasantly informal atmosphere characterized the whole wedding, up to the friendly group drinks in perfect Scottish pub style, which for once yours truly was happy to join! I would have missed some of the spirit of a true Scottish wedding otherwise…

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Venue: St. Catherine’s Cloisters in Finalborgo
Caterers: Negro Ricevimenti
Live music: Ni.Co Alternative Pop

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