fotografo matrimonio genova savona portofino

Cristina + Stefano | Wedding at Paradiso di Manu, Noli

Wedding Paradiso di Manu – What a pleasure to be playing a home match for once! Cristina and Stefano got married in Sant’Ambrogio, Varazze, just a few steps from my studio. With the same pleasure today I share some photos of their wedding, which took place on a beautiful day in mid-September, sunny, dry and…

Wedding in Varazze, Italian Riviera | Marta + Giacomo

Wedding in Varazze – As in good cooking, even in photography the ingredients are the basis of everything. A good chef should know how to enhance them, without twisting their nature. A beautiful, young and enthusiastic couple, a day that turns from rainy to sunny, suggestive locations, guests only looking to have fun and children to…
fotografo matrimonio genova savona portofino