Eleonora + Emanuele | Wedding at Abbazia Erbamara, Pavia

Wedding at Abbazia Erbamara, Pavia – I would like to have a picture of me with a tear in my eye, like that of Emanuele, when he saw his bride, Eleonora, for the first time.

Because more than any words, it is our expression that speak for us. They are the mirrors of our emotions, which words can hardly express. Poets are those who manage to elevate words to the level of feelings. But poets are few and far between. Emotions instead belong to everybody.

I would like to have a picture of myself with a tear in my eye because it would tell a lot more about me than I could ever express. And that would last for years to come and it would remind me of all the good things that inspired me to marry my bride, it would remind me in an instant.

The memories of feelings seem to live under our skin and need very little to be evoked and return to animate us with their strength. The photos have the power to evoke memories, they are the catalyst element in the chemistry of our memories.

These are a few from the day of Eleonora and Emanuele.

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Wedding Venue: Abbazia Erbamara


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