Giulia + Lorenzo | Wedding at Agueta du Sciria, Arenzano

Wedding at Agueta du Sciria – I really wanted to take good pictures. I had left the house that day with the best intentions of doing my best possible work, because Giulia and Lorenzo deserved it.

As always, I had no idea about how the day would turn out. Photographing a wedding as I do it is the epitome of adaptation. Taking what is given to me by the day and turning it into beautiful pictures is the essence of my job. Staying on the edge of my seat. Something in between reacting to what happens and predicting what will happen, because a good image speaks only if snapped at the right time. Not a moment before and not a moment later.

As the wedding of Giulia and Lorenzo turned out, I soon realized that it was their day, that deserved to be recorded with the best photos I could take.

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Wedding Venue: Agueta du Sciria, Arenzano

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