Fanny + Andrea | Winery Wedding in Villa Sparina, Gavi

Wedding at Villa Sparina – I remember a day of uncertain weather, the thunders that frightened the dog, the groom’s missing cuff-links, the rush to get ready because everything was running late. I remember the fine rain and a shy sun that was in a hurry to set behind the clouds, earlier than we could expect for that time of the year.

I remember an intimate ceremony with friends, a relaxed atmosphere, a suggestive dinner. I remember infants who didn’t want to sleep, children who ran barefoot in the meadow and stole the meringues of a wedding cake cut just in time before there was anything left of it.

I think Fanny and Andrea wanted to have me with them on their day for that, so that their memories would forever live in their images. I also remember two pairs of shoes, but a couple of small flats in particular. Fuchsia.

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Wedding Venue: Villa Sparina, Gavi

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